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Gallery 5 - SAAA Convention, Cowra 2008


Ion, Gitta and Ross attended the SAAA Convention in Cowra. Ion and Gitta decided to drive at the last minute because of the forecast, and Ross still had a broken Cheetah, but many planes were there anyway. A great day was had by all. Gitta made friends with Pip Boorman to entice him to put on a display at the YADY opening, Ion spent most of the day in a fabric forum, and Ross attended a couple of fora, made friends with the other talented aero guy - Paul Andronicou - and chatted with a number of old friends. Of course there were many aircraft to check out too.


Ion (and Gitta for a few minutes) attend an all-day forum on cloth covering.

There were some very interesting aircraft

The theme was a celebration of canards

Lovely finish

Very pretty

4 seat Defiant

Paul Andronicou's Extra 300S

Paul begins his routine

This is Pip Boorman's Extra

Gitta and Pip

I think she likes him

Ion during the workshop

Your webmaster checking out a Brumby. The Jab maintenance workshop was on this plane.

Paul also did an aerobatic routine in his RV8

Home-made jet

A little grim perhaps

But sexy

Gitta's photos of Pip's routine



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