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Joining the Snowy River Aviators requires only that you have an interest in aviation and a desire to be part of a community of like-minded, friendly individuals who share your passion. The club not only offers support in training, infrastructure, planning and maintenance, but the social benefits of membership are extensive. With regular flying days, trips away, BBQ lunches, or just somewhere to drop in and 'hang', there are many advantages to membership of the SRA.

Andy and Barney just hanging.

The club owns its own airfield too! No landing fees, no hoops to jump through, none of the usual hassles you find when airports are owned by councils or private enterprises.

Membership rates are -
Introductory first year:

Pilots and student pilots $50
Family membership $85
Associate memberships $30

Second year and thereafter:

Pilots and student pilots $75
Family membership $110
Associate memberships $30


Download the membership form, fill it out and post it to us today. Drop in to Kennedy Field anytime. Just ring one of the numbers listed here to find out when there is something happening.

The SRA rules can be found here.

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