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Safe, Supportive, Affordable, Fun Flying

Who are we?

The Snowy River Aviators are a group of flying enthusiasts who decided to join together and form an organisation with the aim of improving the flying experience of members and guests, and to facilitate the sharing of their passion. The primary focus was initially to raise funds for the purchase of our own airfield. After much fund-raising, sacrifice and a lot of hard work, contracts were exchanged on 27th of January, 2008. By August, the first 4 hangars were constructed. Kennedy Field was at last ours, and the club has its own base.
From here, the sky is the limit.

Our club motto is: Sic Iter Ad Astra (By way of the Stars)
Our club policy is: Safe, supportive, affordable, fun flying.

The Development Application is shown below. Note that the cross-strip shown has been down-graded to a taxiway only. It was deemed to be inadequate for use as a cross-strip.

Site Layout

There are 5 hangars currently standing. The parking lot, entranceway, and fencing is complete. Work is well underway on toilets, water, sewerage and drainage. Things are progressing quite quickly, so keep checking back here to follow the developments.

The above plan has been modified slightly. The new layout is below.

Why not join us? More information on membership is here.


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